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We are passionate about health & wellness

We are a group of individuals who are passionate about maximizing health through the use of foods that are very high in unique nutrients that have the power to produce incredibly positive physiological impacts. Numerous potent foods have been identified by research, most of which are well-known. These include, but are not limited to, strawberries, coffee, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, wallnuts, cocoa, lovage, capers, red onions, rocket, and red wine.

These foods, referred to as “Sirtfoods,” cause our bodies to activate the same “skinny genes” (Sirtuin genes) that are triggered by fasting and exercise. Fat, not muscle, will be the primary cause of weight reduction on a Sirtfood diet. Your body will be primed for long-term weight loss success. You’ll be more energetic, look better, and feel better after doing it. It spares you from strenuous workout regimens and the need to undergo prolonged fasting. It may serve as a launching pad for a longer, better-healthy, and disease-free existence.
As master metabolic regulators, superfoods encourage muscular growth and improve cellular fitness in addition to increasing fat burning.

Our unique oxidative stress evaluation services also transform healthcare and preventive medicine. With this knowledge, our patients are able to take control of their health and lifestyle.The failure to recognize “invisible symptoms” that a person may have leads to the missing diagnosis of numerous illnesses and complex health conditions. These could include underlying medical issues, genetic conditions, predispositions, and bodily imbalances that could be the first signs of ill health. Analysis of oxidative stress can be thought of as an unseen symptom that, when found, can help prevent situations before they manifest as harmful symptoms. especially when incorporated into a thorough preventative profiling risk assessment that checks for metabolic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, a lipid profile, cardiovascular risk, etc.

As a “fast track” or “gym cheat” option for addressing fat and muscle to achieve body contouring for patients to maximize aesthetic and wellness benefits, we also offer cutting edge radio frequency (RF) treatments for dissolving fat and high intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) treatments for increasing muscle tone. These treatments can be used to treat diastasis (the spreading of abdominal muscles) after pregnancy, reduce visceral fat, improve posture, relieve back pain, improve muscle tone and help lose weight, and restore muscle due to injury. They can also help reduce overall positive emotional responses associated with weight loss.


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We are located at Airside Shopping Centre next to Airside Tesco just off the M1 Swords turn off, 5minutes from Dublin Airport. 

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