Genetic Testing

Tricho Test

Pharmacogenetic approach to personalise Alopecia treatment

NutriGen Test

Personalised plan for nutrition and weight loss

Telo Test

Determine cellular age and anti-ageing treatment

Acne Test

Pharmacogenetic approach to guide and personalise treatment of Acne


Letting genes trigger personalised treatments



Determine the safest, most effective treatments for patients 

Pharmacogenomics use the genetic information of a patient to study its individual response to drugs. 

Genetic variations can be associated with a particular drug response in a patient. Identifying those variations helps to target medication changes that can be safer and more effective. 

Pharmacogenomics testing allows the Doctors to make better informed decision and eventually adjust the dosage or choose a different drug. 


Personalized Medicine offer many benefits for the patients: 

  • Optimized dosing and efficacy. 
  • Reduced trial and error prescribing. 
  • Reduced risk of ineffective medications and adverse side effects. 
  • Achieving desired therapeutic benefit sooner for improved patient outcomes


What makes us different 

Actionable Results 

We combine genetic data with relevant patient’s history through an advanced algorithm delivering Personalized prescriptions recommendations. 

The experience of Fagron in Compounding and Formulation ensure the recommendations meet the best clinical practices and international guidelines. 


Custom ready 

Our Genetic Tests are designed exclusively thinking of the patient’s needs. 

We design, tailor-make, validate and run our own Genetic Tests that differ from the standard and commercially available DNA Tests on the market. 

Each of our tests is as unique as your DNA. 


Best-in Class Lab 

Our proprietary laboratory has been built to perform high-volumes with accurate precision. 

We use Best-in-class technique to offer the most reliable and cost-efficient option to reach a diagnosis. 


Data privacy 

Your data is safe with us Fully GDPR Compliant. 

Fagron Genomics Digital healthcare platform meets the Highest regulatory and data protection standards. 


We do not share nor sell patient Data.


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By submitting your history and booking your consultation with Airside Medical Centre, a medical file is opened and you hereby agree to have confidential pre-treatment photographs taken prior to starting your evaluation and treatment process.